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    Helping Students Take Advantage of Their Benefits

    Private Student Loan Elimination

    Speak to a professional regarding private student loan elimination to see how we can save you thousands by eliminating your unwanted debt.

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    Wage Garnishment Relief

    We offer clients that are in jeopardy of having their wages garnished or tax returns compromised an option to stop the bleeding.

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    College Loan Forgivness & Closed School Discharge

    The cancellation of all or some portion of your remaining Federal Student Loan balances are available to you for the following scenarios.

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    Can’t handle your student loan payments?

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    Student Loan Nightmares After Graduation!

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    America’s Student loan deficit…

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    Student Loan Consolidation Relief:

    When you consolidate your school loans with the Department of Education, you ultimately end up paying much less than what you started paying off initially. This is because — regardless of your loan servicer— all of your issued loans will be combined into one amount that is held to one single interest rate and requires one monthly payment. The standard repayment plan for a consolidated loan can be adjusted to reflect a more reasonable option that works for you and your income. Student loan debt doesn’t have to be more difficult than it needs to be. Consolidating your school loans will allow you to take advantage of loan forgiveness and other repayment options you may not have considered. These options are not exclusive to a certain program of study or even a particular loan servicer. Speak with one of our loan specialists to learn if you meet the requirements and are eligible.

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    You may be eligible for a 100% discharge of your Direct Loans:

    After reviewing your loan forgiveness options, you may find that you are entitled to an early discharge from your federal student loan. Whether it is due to a disability discharge, identity theft, or simply that your school closes down — among other reasons — you may qualify for an early discharge of your federal student loan. To learn more or to review your case with an education specialist, call us at (844-323-3328). Our loan forgiveness advisers will work with you to compile all of your information and help you determine whether you may be entitled to loan forgiveness. Best of all, your evaluation and the financial review of your eligibility are completely free of charge!

    Whether you have Federal Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, Parent Plus loans, (FFEL) Family Federal Education Loans, Federal Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Federal Stafford or federal loans in default, we can help. Our team can also assist you with other loan-related matters such as wage garnishment relief and loan payment and repayment options. We have helped alleviate stress for many borrowers by finding options that work for them. Instead of worrying about paying back owed money, our clients can now focus their time and energy on using their earned degree to grow as working professionals.

    We know how heavy the burden of loans, interest rates, and communicating with lenders can be. With high monthly payments and ever-accruing interest, it may seem as though your principal balance is never going down. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Student Loan Consolidated, we take pride in working with borrowers to provide them relief from burdening loans and payments. Whether it’s consolidation that results in a more reasonable repayment option, the cancellation of a certain loan or fees, or forgiveness of any money owed through a complete loan discharge, we will work with you to ensure you find an option that works. Gone are the days of working long hours only to make payments toward several school loans. Now, you can make one reasonable monthly payment– or not have to make any at all.

    Our top priority is to provide our clients with quality and excellences. Student Loan Consolidated helps to prepare borrowers’ documentation for accurate and complete submission to the Department of Education. Our processing fee is reasonable, affordable, and can be determined based on borrowers’ income and household size. For more information, you can contact us at (844-323-3328)

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    Our Mission:

    At Student Loan Consolidated, our mission is to ensure borrowers are not overwhelmed to make payments they can’t afford on loans they might not have to be responsible for. We communicate with lenders of both private loans and Federal loans to work out a solution tailored to borrowers’ needs and financial standing. Our highly-trained professional advisers and education specialists will collect information pertaining to your loan servicer, loan type, and current repayment plan to evaluate your case and determine what loan forgiveness or loan consolidation options you may qualify for. We will walk you through the entire application process to make sure you are comfortable and well-informed about your possible options every step of the way. Student Loan Consolidated specialists will inform you of your options, and recommend or advise you of which repayment plan would best for you based on your budget and current financial standing, but the final decision is always yours to make. Once you determine the best course of action you prefer, we will process all necessary documentation on your behalf and start working toward that payment reduction or loan cancellation plan. Once the Department of Education approves the student loan forgiveness or payment cancellation options you’ve selected, you will immediately feel the relief from burdensome monthly payments and interest charges.

    We understand that financial trouble can affect anyone. If you owe money on a loan but have faced financial difficulties due to personal or professional reasons, you may have been sentenced to a wage garnishment. Though this is a legal process in which money from your paycheck is withheld, it is stressful, frustrating, and difficult to deal with, to say the least. If your wages are being garnished, the good news is that we can work with you and your lender to assist you through all the steps and in processing all documentation needed to place you in a loan rehabilitation plan. This service has been established to stop lenders from using force to take funds from your bank account, and instead, finding an option that works for both the borrower and lender to ensure a repayment occurs in a way that is less intimidating or forceful all while being reasonable and affordable.

    With the help of qualified specialists, you may also find that you are able to consolidate all of your loans into one lump sum that you can pay off with a single and simple monthly payment. Whether you went to more than one school, obtained more than one degree, or opted for a few different loan options from different lenders, such as a private student loan and Perkins loan, to pay off your tuition, chances are, you have taken out more than one loan. Each of these loans has its own payment and its own interest rate, which can get overwhelming, difficult to manage, and stressful to pay. Loan consolidation allows you to compile all of the loans you have taken out to pay for your consecutive academic years into one, for which you now can make one monthly payment. This gives you the comfort of knowing you are making active payments on all of your accounts with one convenient and often low monthly payment that is held to one interest rate. Not only will you remain in good financial standing with your lender, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that none of your accounts are or will be in default.

    Whether its loan forgiveness, loan discharge, consolidation, payment reduction or the cancellation of a wage garnishment, SLC can help you with all of your loan needs. Our specialists and loan advisors are ready to answer any questions you have and to walk you through the requirements, steps, and documents needed to pursue these routes and several others.To learn more and to get the help you need, call Student Loan Consolidation at (844-323-3328)

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    New Laws Discounting Federal Student Loans

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    Federal Student Debt Forgiveness

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    Student Loan consolidation is a practical repayment option that combines all borrowers’ student loans into one master loan. Consolidating a school loan will reduce the pressure of multiple payments and allow you to budget your finances knowing that all of your accounts are in good standing and are being paid off on time. There are many reasons why individuals may apply for a student loan debt consolidation option. Some do so to secure one low monthly payment, a lower or fixed interest rate, or to avoid missing payments or going into default. Consolidating student loan debt also helps borrowers avoid wage or tax garnishments by ensuring all accounts are in an active repayment status. To learn more about loan consolidation and to find out if you qualify, call Student Loan Consolidated at (844) 323-3328. We can also explore other repayment options including possible student loan forgiveness, loan discharge, or a reduced interest rate.

    Higher eduction is most often expensive, forcing many students to take out private loans and government-issued loans to afford the costs. Borrowers like you enrolled in school to start or further your career, That’s why loan repayment should not have to be an obstacle that stands in the way of advancement. With options like loan forgiveness and cancellation, or loan consolidation, students can rest assured knowing they are not burdened financially because of their decision to invest in their education. That’s why at Student Loans Consolidated, we work with students and borrowers to ensure this isn’t the case. We thoroughly analyze each and every client case to find the best possible loan option, making sure you are in full-understanding of the process, the expectations, and the timeline. If you are burdened by payments you can’t afford or need help with your loans, trust us to guide you through this oftentimes complicated process. Our specialists are dedicated to helping you find the financial relief you deserve.

    Student Loan Consolidated is not affiliated with the Department of Education or any other government agency or loan servicer.